Highly recommended. Breathed new life back into my old CT20B. My old MR2 is now quick again and does not smoke like a red arrow. Thank you Turboworks

J Mills 31 March 2018

My VW Touran had an overboost issue, Turboworks provided a remanufactured OEM part with full measurements and test certificate and a full gasket set for less than the cost of a pattern part. I am very impressed with this service and have no hesitation in recommending them

D Ward 26 February 2018

My VW Crafter Turbo ruined by the EGR water vapour,i got quotes of over L900,saw this company and called,really nice guy,told me what he could do and said 24mth guarantee, my garage was wary and told me you dont know what your buying! Well guess what i called in to the workshop exchanged my turbo and returned to my garage,they were very surprised at the condition of the replacement and fitted it in,I have now the Smoothest,Easiest,More fuel efficient ,VW...

C Wilson 19 September 2016

Just wanted to say big thank you. Turbo fitted and everything is working as it should. Very impressed with your work. Thank you very much -Porsche 997 GT2

N Hevka 12 September 2016

I recently purchased turbo for golf mk4 tdi from these guys. What an amazing service, I ordered Friday at 3pm and it arrived the next day at midday, very high standard rebuild, bench flow tested and actuator set up ready to go, fitted to car in 2hours and my car is now better than ever, no more limp mode :), smooth / high power delivery right through the Rev range. Best price on the net and best service. I would recommend these guys to anyone.

D Jones 30 June 2016

I cannot recommended this company highly enough. I got my turbo back yesterday. I'm impressed with the result and extremely happy. Thank you Turboworks! - Volvo C70

Steve, Bristol 29 May 2015

We recommend Turboworks Ltd. Best Turbo Service in UK. Most helpful from start to finish. The Turbo works perfectly. - VW Passat

Lisa and Richard, Kent, England 22 May 2015

Pleasure to deal with guys from start to finish. Very recommended. Thank you - Saab 9-3

James, London, UK 8 May 2015

Great service and support. I will definitely use them again. - Ford Focus RS

A Young - London, UK 18 April 2015

Fantastic and very expierienced, good price and local. Thanks - BMW 5 Series

D Tuning - Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK 10 April 2015

I bought my turbo second hand on ebay and it broke after about 2 months. Turboworks managed to fix it the same day and cost me much less than expected. Brilliant service. Very proffesional. - Volkswagen Crafter

J Powell - Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK 3 April 2015

I received my turbo yesterday and fitted it stright away. Im very impressed with quality of work, it works perfect and looks like new. Thank you - Astra VXR

M Henderson - Hull, England 15 March 2015

Always a good quality of workmanship and customer service. Best turbocharger specialists ever met. 10/10

A1 Auto Services - London, UK 7 February 2015

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